About us

LANDESIGN associated studio has been founded in 2000 by two agronomists and landscape architects specialized at Landscape School of University of Turin and later graduated in landscape architecture at Polytechnic University of Turin.

The education received, first technical then architectural, has marked out from the very beginning the design activity carried out, turning into a particular attention for ecological-environmental themes.

The two associated, Sabina Filippi and Alberto Giangolini, fulfilled design and consultation tasks all around Italy, focusing on landscape and environment, both on local scale and small gardens.


Sabina Landesign

Sabina Filippi

She graduated in Agriculture in Pisa with a thesis about the redevelopment of a park in Tirrenia (PI). In 1998 she specialized at Turin landscape School with a thesis about San Giuliano Terme (PI) thermal park. In 2008 she graduated in landscape architecture in Turin with a thesis whose title was “Seaside ribbon: hypothesis of Pesaro water front redevelopment”

Alberto Giangolini Studio Landesign

Alberto Giangolini

He graduated in Agriculture in Bologna in 1988. In 1999 he specialized in Turin landscape School with a thesis about landscape solution of Cattolica Parco Navi. In 2008 he graduated in landscape architecture in Turin working with Sabina Filippi in the previous thesis.