As to environmental sector, LANDESIGN and its partners have been working for years all around national territory on infrastructural projects of major importance (methane pipeline, technological systems, freeways, urbanizations) conducting surveys and environmental rehabilitation for engineering major societies and national constructions.

Among our customers: Enereco, Snam Rete Gas, Pedemontana Lombarda Freeway, Renco, Cesi, Energy Plus, Max Streicher, Tre Colli, Technip.


LANDESIGN does monitoring of: flora biotic parts, vegetation, fauna, ecosystems, ground during several processing stages. TEAM WORK is made up of specialists for each sector with a proven experience. The results are the product of a coordinated and qualified teamwork that highlights themes such as environmental quality, sustainability, biodiversity, naturalistic and conservationist values of habitats and ecosystems exposed to surveys based on current legal references applied on continental scale.


The main idea of restoration projects is the awareness that only nature can recover a demoted environment. How fast does the ecosystem rehabilitation speed up and how to attain a stable and functioning one, depends on the flora; that’s why our restoration projects are inspired by the preliminary environmental and landscape analysis.

The planning suggestions include:

  • Mitigation and balance intervention
  • Reforestation
  • Environmentalization of infrastructures
  • Demoted sites rinaturalization (neglected mines and construction sites)


As to environmental impact assessments, LANDESIGN works as a studio, specialized in landscape and environmental themes. It participates actively to the whole authorization practice, producing all the methods documents of:

  • VIA
  • VAS
  • Landscape reports

Among the recent specific studies we include ground spineless monitoring to establish the QBS ar, one of the most innovative and applied biological species indicators. We also effect fauna surveys generally about birds, mammals, amphibious and reptiles. In the sector of vegetation we effect phytosociological, physiognomic-structural, floristic evaluations besides a VTA on single precious plants in the town and in the country.


LANDESIGN develops several activities in surface water bodies interfered by major road projects and infrastructure works.

In the past we worked using  the IFF and IBE resolution, now overcame indexes, replaced by LIMeco and STAR ICM benthicinvertebrates; these resolutions are made by LANDESIGN through the employment of specialized partners, capable of operate all over Italy and in every territory, with the support of highly specialized  analysis laboratories.

The framework for intervention is accomplished by fishing surveys, that establish the presence and consistency of rivers and flows fishing stands.