Piscina a sfioro verso l'infinito

Private garden – Candelara (PU, Italy)                    Year: 2020                     Garden area: about 4.200 m²

                 Pool size: 20,0m x 7,0m

A great infinity pool that merges with the landscape…

The intense blue creates a pleasant contrast with the golden glare of the stone surrounding the pool.

A magic space connecting both the residence and the landscape.

A total design that involved our Studio in each detail.

Some of the plant we used: Agapanthus africanus, Buddleja davidii ‘Lochinch’, Erigeron Karvinskianus – Profusion, Gaura lindheimeri ‘Candida’, Helichrysum italicum, Lippia nudiflora, Perovskia atriplicifolia ‘Lacey blue’, Rosa paesaggistica ‘Knock out’, Rosmarinus officinalis, Rosmarinus officinalis prostratus, Salvia nemorosa ‘Snow hill’, Stipa tenuissima…