Farming playschool “Noah’s Ark” – PORTO SAN GIORGIO  (FM)                    Realized: 2012       

Garden surface area: approximately 4.000 mq

A farming playschool in which children between the age of 1 and 3 years can stay close to the   nature and animals, grow a vegetable garden and create a bond with plants.

The project inserted many autochthon plants and herbs that created an interesting and relaxing garden, with the succession of flowers and fruits all year long.

The project has also left areas cultivable by children to allow them to enhance the beautiful experience of treatment and attention towards the flora.


A few employed plants: Abelia grandiflora, Agapantus africanus, Atriplex halimus, Ballota acetabulosa, Cercis siliquastrum, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides, Cotinus coggygria,  Crataegus monogyna, Cupressus sempervirens, Echium fastosum, Gaura lindheimeri, Helicrisum italicum,  Melis azedarach, Morus alba, Nepeta fasenii, Phyllirea angustifolia, Pistacia lentiscus, Populus alba, Pittosporum tobira nano, Rosmarinum officinalis, Salvia officinalis, Salix babilonica, Senecio cineraria, Schimus molle, Teucrium fruticans, Westringia fruticosa