Presidio expo regione marche

Expo garrison for Marche – San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)  Realized: 2015  Set up surface: approximately 2.100 mq

The garrison place: from the fruit and vegetable market to the expo garrison in which events, conventions, exhibitions, debates, show-cooking take place in the area normally used for the trade of farming products.

The temporary preparation of this place has been a challenge that involved nursery men, gardeners, farmers.


A few employed plants: sample Washingtonia filifera (h 8-10 m), sample Washingtonia filifera (h 6,0m), Nerium oleander ( h 1,5m e h 3,0m), Olea europea ( h 3,0m), sample of Morus alba (h 3,0m), sample of Ficus carica (h 3,0m), sample of Dasylirion, sample of Punica granatum (h 3,0m), sample of Cycas revoluta (h 3,0-4,0m), sample of Cycas revoluta (h 7,0-8,0m), Laurus nobilis