Private garden in the seaside – Pesaro                        Realized: 2016                        Garden surface area: approximately 140 mq

The transformation of a small garden for a seaside house

The floor horizontal lines, connected to the soft flowerbed, allowed to transform an old, shabby garden not really usable, into an ideal spot for summer relax.

The attention to details and a thorough study about the lighting allowed to enhance the previous garden and to make this little place into an easily tenable and usable one.


A few employed plants: Agapanthus africanus, Loropetalum chinensefire dance, Rosa “cubana”, Mirtuscommunis, Tulbaghia violacea, Lavandula stoechas, Gaura lindheimeri, Polygalamyrtifolia, Eremophila nivea, Felicia amelloides, Trachelospermumjasminoides, R. banksiae alba plena